Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Distractions......Ready for the digital switchover?

Yes I know I promised a shopping blog, ( that's on it's way)but I've been on a short break from all the burlesque stuff and just wanted to show you my latest distraction! All I can say is my husband is an absolute style genius. The casing is an old 1950's TV which was sourced from a car boot sale. It took a lot of shopping round to find the tank to fit it, but worth the wait in the end.

The fish are an assortment of fantail goldfish, which are coldwater fish, but a heater could easily be installed if we had tropical fish.

What shall I watch tonight?

Coralnation Street,

A PLAICE in the sun,

Reef Encounter.....

If you want somewhere funky for your fish to live I am sure we can do something for you!

Contact me for details.....