Friday, 29 June 2012

It's good to be BACH.....

It's been a long time. Too long in fact, so I've made a huge effort and sat down in front of a computer to write a nice slice of blog.
 Apart from being wrapped up in my day job, I've been busy making customer orders, so much so that I had to restock red white and blue sequins because of the Queen's jubilee and the rash of shows it inspired.Of course there's still the olympics to look forward to and I'm able to make other national flags as well! We won't mention the football, though!
 I made these white and red heart tassels for the lovely Delilah Dufoe to do her "Bad Medicine"act. It was a rush job due to her having lost the originals... I just wish I could have been there. It always makes me proud to see my products in action, I can't quite seem to get over it!
 I started experimenting with different materials as well. These pasties are made from acetate covered in lace and crystals. Yes, they look see thru here, but once they are stuck on, there is no show-through as there is no light behind them. I've also made some with no lace, but the centre is obscured by a layer of glitter and crystals which dissipate toward the edges.
 Below you can see another experiment with different materials. I've used fun foam as I like the colours. Its also light, flexible and non fraying. These are my "Boy meets Girl" pasties. You can have them facing each other or back to back - heartache or romance? you decide!  Hehehe.... the glue isn't even dry on these, but don't worry, it does dry CLEAR!Other silhouettes are in my secret sketchbook of designs...
 These are made from foam too. Tiger stripes in sequins and glitter with a tattoo style scroll. grrrrrrr!!!

Actually, I have a bit of an ulterior motive, taking up the blog again. Just while my website is down. I'm hoping to get enough time to get it up and running again!
Here's a cheeky pic of me performing at Secret Fridae back in April....something else I am trying to get up and running again. It's always difficult to devote enough time to practising and costuming when I am so busy with my job.....I'll be treading the boards again in august so look out for me!
Picture credit: Robin Lowe of Burning ambition photography

 A few more pictures of recent designs. Foam kisses, an "odd pair" and below, sequinned yin/yang symbols also with a foam base.
Oh! and here are those CLEAR pasties I told you about earlier! They are not completely see through as the centre is painted with glitter. Bit more daring though......I got a buyer for this pair almost straight away.
I also think it's a good idea to tell you how you can see more of my designs and even contact me to order while my websites down.....
That is my page where you can see my designs, leave comments and questions, or ask about ordering. Custom orders welcome if you have an idea, just ask me.I keep my prices reasonable so why not take a look?