Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A delve into my design archive.

While I am working on customer orders and developing my new range, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and have a look at some of the designs which I have produced over the last two years.

mmm....strawberries. Maybe these were not as popular as the cherries, but they are something just a bit different. I've done quite a few food related designs......

The ever popular cherry design, this time with a black background. I've lost count of how many cherries I've done, but I never tire of making them. They look great on gingham or with a sequin or fabric background. very versatile.....I just love this design!

I designed these magic 8-ball pasties around the same time I made the lucky 7's dice. I've also made playing cards which lots of people seem to like.

Arriba! I remember making this design, it was really popular and I am thinking of revisiting it by doing some other mexican designs as it still seems to be quite a trend.

Aww....these were the first pair of pasties that I made (and sold) Since then I have made many other pairs in this design. They also look good with a tassel added.
Watch out for more designs on my website. I am working on a new range which will appear!