Monday, 21 March 2011

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Monday, 7 March 2011

Perle Noire - A rare treasure.

Because I am relatively new to the world of burlesque, I'm still feeling the thrill of discovering new things on my route of exploration which I recently felt was becoming a bit too localised. Then I remembered seeing the Immodesty Blaize film, Burlesque Undressed and a performance which for me really stood out as something familiar yet really fresh and exciting no matter how many times you looked at it.
The lady in question was Perle Noire. I have never seen this artiste perform live, only on film. It is my dream however, to see her one day, perhaps if she visits the UK again. Even with the barrier of the screen, I just smiled throughout as I just love the sheer energy and the vintage aspect of her act, with a technique that was spot on. I was immediately reminded of a childhood memory of seeing a piece of film on a documentary where I thought the dance was being done by a puppet, such was the flexibility.Years later I found out that this beautiful black woman was in fact the legendary Josephine Baker.

Looking at her biography you can see that Perle Noire was practically born a star.

Her early appearances were in Los Angeles at the tender age of 5 when she landed a Mc Donald’s commercial and a guest role on The Cosby Show. At 18, Perle moved to L.A with just $100 and a backpack with the aim of becoming a full time dancer and singer. She immediately started performing as a back up dancer and singer at The Excalibur Hotel with the lounge singer JOI.
In 2002, Perle Noire moved to New Orleans where she enjoyed further success; Backstage at Da Fonky Burlesk, Woman’s Work, and The Vagina Monologues. After she performed in the musical Backstage at Da Fonky Burlesk,(a play about a former Burlesque Queen turned T.V mogul) Perle decided to pursue her life long dream of paying tribute to her idol Josephine Baker.

Below: Perle Noire in her "Banana skirt" a restyled version of the costume worn by Josephine Baker.

This picture is used by kind permission of Leland Bobbe.

Here are a list of Perle's acclaimed performances:

2005 - New Orleans Bustout Burlesque
(where she received her name Perle Noire) It was here that she worked with acclaimed choreographer Dollie Rivas in creating her award winning tribute to the legendary Josephine Baker.
Regular performer at House of Blues, Tipinita’s French Quarter, the Royal Sonesta, and Le Chat Noir.

2008 - Winner of Best Debut at the Miss Exotic World pageant in Las Vegas

Performed in London for the annual Immodesty Blaize Tease Show.

2009 - Winner of the second runner-up title of Miss Exotic World.

Performances with Dita Von Teese at the House of Blues in New Orleans for Tales of Cocktail show.

Featured in the L.A Times, the New Orleans Times Picayune, Pin Curl Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, and on television in MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen and the Travel Channel’s Extreme Competitions.

Here are some things that have been said about Perle Noire:

"New York is in for a delectable treat. Josephine Baker lives again. This weekend, Burlesque dancer Perle Noire titillates New York audiences with a version of “Danse Banane” a Josephine Baker inspired nearly-naked banana dance."

"New York Examiner"

Below: A public domain picture of Josephine Baker.

"Perle Noire, or the Black Pearl, springs onto the stage stripped down to a G-string, pasties and yellow featherlike ruffles on her wrists and ankles.
In a routine reminiscent of legendary vaudeville dancer Josephine Baker's, she performs a series of calisthenics, flinging her arms and legs sky-high and leaping into a starburst before landing in the splits and slithering seductively across the floor toward the audience.
The theater erupt in cheers and applause"

"L.A Times"

In my opinion, Perle Noire is the most exciting international performer in Burlesque. Watch her perform and you will find something to aspire to, whether it be flexibility, agility, costuming or sheer energy and attitude, this lady's stage presence could fill a stadium. I look forward to seeing more from her. I'm a fan!

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