Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Review of the year.....

Well it's hard to believe that it's been practically a whole year since my last official birthday! I say official because like all burlesque performers I have two birthdays, my official one being my real date of birth, and a burlesque birthday - the date of my first performance. Well let's just say I will be one year old on august 22nd! Should I tell you my age on the 10th july? Didn't anyone tell you a lady never tells her age?

I had such a great official birthday last year. It was filled with burlesque. I was eagerly anticipating my first performance, and I even enjoyed a performance by the fabulous Coco Malone at a burlesque show which I attended.

I'm shocked at how much I have done in the last 12 months, becoming a burlesque performer, making lots of tassels and pasties for other wonderful performers, and now I am entering the world of fitness! No wonder it feels like my feet haven't touched the floor. I sometimes wish I had done some of it 20 years ago.....but I'm glad I have tried stuff now before old age and regret set in.

It's time like these that you start to evaluate the future. Where do I go from here? I definitely want to do more performing but for the next 12months, I will also concentrate on combining burlesque with a fitness career where time allows. Life is certainly making a turn for the more exciting......

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