Monday, 28 February 2011

Miss Von Vamp - Revealed!

No posts for a while, my apologies for this, I have been very busy with my studies, also I have been making burlesque accessories for sale in shops. I am soon to be the proud tenant of a glass cabinet in Burlesque Salon at the OASIS in Birmingham - watch out for pictures which will be posted as soon as this happens!

On my last visit to this shop, I met up with Miss Von Vamp. She is one of my sponsored artistes and asked if I could tell you all about some forthcoming performances that she is very excited and proud to be doing....

So look out for Miss Von Vamp on:

Thursday 27th March - where she will be performing in the window of Coco de Mer in Covent Garden, London for 1 hour
Friday 1st April - Embraced Burlesque - Wolverhampton
Sunday 17th April - The Blue Room - Northampton

For more information about Miss Von Vamp, visit her website

Monday, 7 February 2011

All about Roxy.....well nearly all!

One of the people who has helped me on my way, inspired me, and spread the word about me and my products is Roxy Twirls. She gave me my first opportunity to perform on stage and has really been there from the start.

So, I have had a look at where her burlesque talent originated from, what was it that got her started? This whirlwind of a career started when Roxy, who lives in Southampton, went on a night out to see a burlesque show in nearby Portsmouth. After this first taste, she was left thinking; "I could do that!" and with the help of a mentor, she began to perform and had the idea of putting a charity show on. This show, staged in November 2008 was called "Heart of Burlesque" with the funds donated to the British Heart Foundation. It was such a success that by February 2009, Roxy and her mentor were staging another, called "Lover's Lane" which was again well received by the paying audience.

By this time, Roxy had parted ways with her friend and mentor, due to lifestyle and career commitments. It was at this time that Heart of Burlesque became "Roxy's Rendezvous" which has become the prolific and reputable organisation that has become so popular on the burlesque scene.

Not only does Roxy now have a thriving burlesque show which she runs along with her husband, Mr Peter "Deviant" Vert, but she also teaches the art of burlesque to ladies who wish to give it a try. Her students then have the opportunity to become one of "Roxy's Rockets", resident showgirls at the rendezvous and artistes in their own right. As well as becoming a prolific performer herself, Roxy is always willing to pass on her skills and knowledge to others. Continuing in this way, she has had a hand in the rebirth of a burgeoning scene in the South of England which will be around for many years to come.