Monday, 19 December 2011

Another year over, and what have you done?

It's that time of year when I always start evaluating what I've achieved this year... some things are a bit disappointing, yet others I am extremely happy about! For example, this year I have done no burlesque performing whatsoever. This disappoints me. BUT what I have achieved is the set up of my fitness business, Miss B's Fitness. After all, you can only do so much in a given time. I found I was getting overtired with extra activities, being charitable and helping others out, so I've had to downsize these activities for the sake of my health and business - which I hope to grow during the next year.
During 2012, I hope to be back with a bang on the local burlesque scene. It's been far too long since my last appearance at THE PUBLIC. However I have been making your pasties and tassels in the spare time I DO have.... and one thing that has deighted me this year is that my products have sold quite well in both Burlesque Salon, Birmingham and Lady K's, Bedford. It was quite exciting to find that people liked my products enough to buy them, I don't think I'll ever lose that feeling. I am so fortunate to be doing work which I enjoy, all I need to do now is grow both my businesses to a point where I can say I am financially successful. I don't even want to be rich...... just to make a nice living would be satisfactory.
And I guess thats my christmas wish. Thanks to everyone who has bought my products, visited my website, liked my pages, or read this blog.
Bring on 2012.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all xxx      (photo courtesy of Lady K's)

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Out shopping for Burlesque Bits and Bobs!

I have promised a shopping blog post for a while now, and although I'm always short of time, here's some photos of some stuff I saw that I'd love to have in my house. Spotted in various shops in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.
I spotted this lovely furniture in The Old Mill Antiques Centre and thought it would be perfect for a burlesque bedroom like my spare room I am creating at the moment. My decorating is done, but this small scale furniture would fit perfectly into a small modern house. I love the craquelure finish and the leopard print tall boy!

Then I saw this lovely lamp, but it gave me the idea for customising one that I've already got in my spare room. There are lots of lovely things in this shop and I'd recommend a look round if you are ever in Bridgnorth.

Another shop we visited was called "Gin and Teacups" now this sounds a bit mad, but there were some great things in there which would make great props, modern and vintage mixed really.

Next time I will show you some more lovely stuff that I wish I could afford, as I've spotted some lovely SHOES!!!!!
Short, but sweet xxxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Review of the year.....

Well it's hard to believe that it's been practically a whole year since my last official birthday! I say official because like all burlesque performers I have two birthdays, my official one being my real date of birth, and a burlesque birthday - the date of my first performance. Well let's just say I will be one year old on august 22nd! Should I tell you my age on the 10th july? Didn't anyone tell you a lady never tells her age?

I had such a great official birthday last year. It was filled with burlesque. I was eagerly anticipating my first performance, and I even enjoyed a performance by the fabulous Coco Malone at a burlesque show which I attended.

I'm shocked at how much I have done in the last 12 months, becoming a burlesque performer, making lots of tassels and pasties for other wonderful performers, and now I am entering the world of fitness! No wonder it feels like my feet haven't touched the floor. I sometimes wish I had done some of it 20 years ago.....but I'm glad I have tried stuff now before old age and regret set in.

It's time like these that you start to evaluate the future. Where do I go from here? I definitely want to do more performing but for the next 12months, I will also concentrate on combining burlesque with a fitness career where time allows. Life is certainly making a turn for the more exciting......

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Miss B's Fitness.....

Some of you know what I have been doing for the past 9 months - no....not having a baby! I have been training to be a fitness instructor! Now that my exams are finished, I can hopefully devote a lot more time to keeping you all informed about my burlesque products, shows and events I have attended - and also my brand new fitness classes!

I will be working in the Wolverhampton area, which is a UK city. My first class will be Easyline Technogym, which is community based work with people who want to get started in fitness for health reasons and maybe don't want to go to a gym. Well, it's going to be exciting for starters!

I have a range of fitness classes in the planning stages which will assist in the strengthening and toning of the muscles used in burlesque - we've all done a bit of fandancing, chair work and bellydance - well my workouts are being designed to help you give your best performance!

Don't worry if you are from another UK city, why not hire me for the day and I can come and train your dance troupe? I am willing to travel within reason.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Distractions......Ready for the digital switchover?

Yes I know I promised a shopping blog, ( that's on it's way)but I've been on a short break from all the burlesque stuff and just wanted to show you my latest distraction! All I can say is my husband is an absolute style genius. The casing is an old 1950's TV which was sourced from a car boot sale. It took a lot of shopping round to find the tank to fit it, but worth the wait in the end.

The fish are an assortment of fantail goldfish, which are coldwater fish, but a heater could easily be installed if we had tropical fish.

What shall I watch tonight?

Coralnation Street,

A PLAICE in the sun,

Reef Encounter.....

If you want somewhere funky for your fish to live I am sure we can do something for you!

Contact me for details.....

Monday, 21 March 2011

Some new designs for your wish list, maybe?

Just wanted to post these links to show a few new items on my website. In the meantime, I am looking out for some other stuff you may time join me as Miss Helene Bach goes shopping!

This is my home page which I have just updated with a few new items.
This is my "shop" where you can choose from an array of designs, which I update periodically.
This page gets quite a lot of hits, according to my stats, here I show unusual designs.....
Please contact me If I can be of service to you!
Thanks....see you again soon

Monday, 7 March 2011

Perle Noire - A rare treasure.

Because I am relatively new to the world of burlesque, I'm still feeling the thrill of discovering new things on my route of exploration which I recently felt was becoming a bit too localised. Then I remembered seeing the Immodesty Blaize film, Burlesque Undressed and a performance which for me really stood out as something familiar yet really fresh and exciting no matter how many times you looked at it.
The lady in question was Perle Noire. I have never seen this artiste perform live, only on film. It is my dream however, to see her one day, perhaps if she visits the UK again. Even with the barrier of the screen, I just smiled throughout as I just love the sheer energy and the vintage aspect of her act, with a technique that was spot on. I was immediately reminded of a childhood memory of seeing a piece of film on a documentary where I thought the dance was being done by a puppet, such was the flexibility.Years later I found out that this beautiful black woman was in fact the legendary Josephine Baker.

Looking at her biography you can see that Perle Noire was practically born a star.

Her early appearances were in Los Angeles at the tender age of 5 when she landed a Mc Donald’s commercial and a guest role on The Cosby Show. At 18, Perle moved to L.A with just $100 and a backpack with the aim of becoming a full time dancer and singer. She immediately started performing as a back up dancer and singer at The Excalibur Hotel with the lounge singer JOI.
In 2002, Perle Noire moved to New Orleans where she enjoyed further success; Backstage at Da Fonky Burlesk, Woman’s Work, and The Vagina Monologues. After she performed in the musical Backstage at Da Fonky Burlesk,(a play about a former Burlesque Queen turned T.V mogul) Perle decided to pursue her life long dream of paying tribute to her idol Josephine Baker.

Below: Perle Noire in her "Banana skirt" a restyled version of the costume worn by Josephine Baker.

This picture is used by kind permission of Leland Bobbe.

Here are a list of Perle's acclaimed performances:

2005 - New Orleans Bustout Burlesque
(where she received her name Perle Noire) It was here that she worked with acclaimed choreographer Dollie Rivas in creating her award winning tribute to the legendary Josephine Baker.
Regular performer at House of Blues, Tipinita’s French Quarter, the Royal Sonesta, and Le Chat Noir.

2008 - Winner of Best Debut at the Miss Exotic World pageant in Las Vegas

Performed in London for the annual Immodesty Blaize Tease Show.

2009 - Winner of the second runner-up title of Miss Exotic World.

Performances with Dita Von Teese at the House of Blues in New Orleans for Tales of Cocktail show.

Featured in the L.A Times, the New Orleans Times Picayune, Pin Curl Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, and on television in MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen and the Travel Channel’s Extreme Competitions.

Here are some things that have been said about Perle Noire:

"New York is in for a delectable treat. Josephine Baker lives again. This weekend, Burlesque dancer Perle Noire titillates New York audiences with a version of “Danse Banane” a Josephine Baker inspired nearly-naked banana dance."

"New York Examiner"

Below: A public domain picture of Josephine Baker.

"Perle Noire, or the Black Pearl, springs onto the stage stripped down to a G-string, pasties and yellow featherlike ruffles on her wrists and ankles.
In a routine reminiscent of legendary vaudeville dancer Josephine Baker's, she performs a series of calisthenics, flinging her arms and legs sky-high and leaping into a starburst before landing in the splits and slithering seductively across the floor toward the audience.
The theater erupt in cheers and applause"

"L.A Times"

In my opinion, Perle Noire is the most exciting international performer in Burlesque. Watch her perform and you will find something to aspire to, whether it be flexibility, agility, costuming or sheer energy and attitude, this lady's stage presence could fill a stadium. I look forward to seeing more from her. I'm a fan!

For Booking Information Please contact Perle Noire at
Also visit her website:

Monday, 28 February 2011

Miss Von Vamp - Revealed!

No posts for a while, my apologies for this, I have been very busy with my studies, also I have been making burlesque accessories for sale in shops. I am soon to be the proud tenant of a glass cabinet in Burlesque Salon at the OASIS in Birmingham - watch out for pictures which will be posted as soon as this happens!

On my last visit to this shop, I met up with Miss Von Vamp. She is one of my sponsored artistes and asked if I could tell you all about some forthcoming performances that she is very excited and proud to be doing....

So look out for Miss Von Vamp on:

Thursday 27th March - where she will be performing in the window of Coco de Mer in Covent Garden, London for 1 hour
Friday 1st April - Embraced Burlesque - Wolverhampton
Sunday 17th April - The Blue Room - Northampton

For more information about Miss Von Vamp, visit her website

Monday, 7 February 2011

All about Roxy.....well nearly all!

One of the people who has helped me on my way, inspired me, and spread the word about me and my products is Roxy Twirls. She gave me my first opportunity to perform on stage and has really been there from the start.

So, I have had a look at where her burlesque talent originated from, what was it that got her started? This whirlwind of a career started when Roxy, who lives in Southampton, went on a night out to see a burlesque show in nearby Portsmouth. After this first taste, she was left thinking; "I could do that!" and with the help of a mentor, she began to perform and had the idea of putting a charity show on. This show, staged in November 2008 was called "Heart of Burlesque" with the funds donated to the British Heart Foundation. It was such a success that by February 2009, Roxy and her mentor were staging another, called "Lover's Lane" which was again well received by the paying audience.

By this time, Roxy had parted ways with her friend and mentor, due to lifestyle and career commitments. It was at this time that Heart of Burlesque became "Roxy's Rendezvous" which has become the prolific and reputable organisation that has become so popular on the burlesque scene.

Not only does Roxy now have a thriving burlesque show which she runs along with her husband, Mr Peter "Deviant" Vert, but she also teaches the art of burlesque to ladies who wish to give it a try. Her students then have the opportunity to become one of "Roxy's Rockets", resident showgirls at the rendezvous and artistes in their own right. As well as becoming a prolific performer herself, Roxy is always willing to pass on her skills and knowledge to others. Continuing in this way, she has had a hand in the rebirth of a burgeoning scene in the South of England which will be around for many years to come.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A delve into my design archive.

While I am working on customer orders and developing my new range, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and have a look at some of the designs which I have produced over the last two years.

mmm....strawberries. Maybe these were not as popular as the cherries, but they are something just a bit different. I've done quite a few food related designs......

The ever popular cherry design, this time with a black background. I've lost count of how many cherries I've done, but I never tire of making them. They look great on gingham or with a sequin or fabric background. very versatile.....I just love this design!

I designed these magic 8-ball pasties around the same time I made the lucky 7's dice. I've also made playing cards which lots of people seem to like.

Arriba! I remember making this design, it was really popular and I am thinking of revisiting it by doing some other mexican designs as it still seems to be quite a trend.

Aww....these were the first pair of pasties that I made (and sold) Since then I have made many other pairs in this design. They also look good with a tassel added.
Watch out for more designs on my website. I am working on a new range which will appear!