Sunday, 23 June 2013

It's been TOO LONG!

I'm ashamed to say it has been almost a whole YEAR since my last blog entry....I feel like I am making some sort of confession there....
BUT. Now I feel it is time to have a bit of a recap, some would call it a refresh, or a relaunch.
Since making and selling my first pair of burlesque pasties in JANUARY 2009 I feel I've come a long way. Sometimes projects get put on the back burner for a while due to the day job and other commitments. I'm sure you know the feeling.
Please don't be mistaken in thinking I am a newcomer to the burlesque scene. I haven't crept in through the back door. I was however a late starter at around 40 years of age. I've spent the past four and a half years building up a relationship and identifying who my customers are. Website stats are very handy for that!
During that period of time a LOT has been done. I've performed burlesque, although not in a prolific way, qualified and started my own business as a fitness instructor and also assisted my husband with his vintage business side-line. I am thankful I've got no children, I just wouldn't have been able to cope! Hats off to all you Mums.
It's true, that old saying: "life begins at forty" - I am living proof of that. It's okay to NOT KNOW what you want to do with your life....I am aware and very fortunate in that I happen to LOVE what I'm doing at the moment, although working for yourself is extremely hard and no guarantee of instant wealth. That's probably why I turned to the fitness industry for work, a stable, modest income as I somehow knew I'd never make a living from making burlesque accessories! Good luck to anyone who does.
Which brings us back to tassels.....I do this because firstly I enjoy it and as I was originally trained in textiles to MA degree level I think it was important for me to be doing something creative. It's not all about the money. I also don't take note of what other burlesque designers are doing, because I don't really care and nobody can accuse me of copying. Nor do I recreate other people's work when asked - and I have been asked a fair few times, believe me... If you like my designs, welcome to my world! If you have stuck by me during hard times, for this I thank you.
I'm pleased now to be back on track after a year with my head down, in a tracksuit,WORKING. I've rebuilt my website which has been around for a while also applying myself to updating it more often. I've also got two very trusted reputable retailers who I am honoured to work with. PLUS UPCOMING exciting projects with a very artistic photographer......but that, I think, is material for another blog post.

So, there's a few more pieces to the jigsaw that is Helene Bach Burlesque Style.....pop over to my website and facebook page to see more frequent updates and a little more insight.

Check out my photo stream on facebook:

Some recent custom orders.....

Large TIKI MASK pasties.

Stunning roulette wheel tassels.

I even made this Statue of Liberty/Semiramis head dress for a burlesque performer!

More custom made items.....I've been doing custom designs since the start. These were for a New York themed can also see some mini shower puff pasties at the top right of the picture. Strange request, but VERY effective when seen on stage!

Ok, not such an ORIGINAL idea, but a popular theme nonetheless. I give the customer what they ask for.
See you next time.