Monday, 27 June 2011

Miss B's Fitness.....

Some of you know what I have been doing for the past 9 months - no....not having a baby! I have been training to be a fitness instructor! Now that my exams are finished, I can hopefully devote a lot more time to keeping you all informed about my burlesque products, shows and events I have attended - and also my brand new fitness classes!

I will be working in the Wolverhampton area, which is a UK city. My first class will be Easyline Technogym, which is community based work with people who want to get started in fitness for health reasons and maybe don't want to go to a gym. Well, it's going to be exciting for starters!

I have a range of fitness classes in the planning stages which will assist in the strengthening and toning of the muscles used in burlesque - we've all done a bit of fandancing, chair work and bellydance - well my workouts are being designed to help you give your best performance!

Don't worry if you are from another UK city, why not hire me for the day and I can come and train your dance troupe? I am willing to travel within reason.

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