Monday, 3 October 2011

Out shopping for Burlesque Bits and Bobs!

I have promised a shopping blog post for a while now, and although I'm always short of time, here's some photos of some stuff I saw that I'd love to have in my house. Spotted in various shops in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.
I spotted this lovely furniture in The Old Mill Antiques Centre and thought it would be perfect for a burlesque bedroom like my spare room I am creating at the moment. My decorating is done, but this small scale furniture would fit perfectly into a small modern house. I love the craquelure finish and the leopard print tall boy!

Then I saw this lovely lamp, but it gave me the idea for customising one that I've already got in my spare room. There are lots of lovely things in this shop and I'd recommend a look round if you are ever in Bridgnorth.

Another shop we visited was called "Gin and Teacups" now this sounds a bit mad, but there were some great things in there which would make great props, modern and vintage mixed really.

Next time I will show you some more lovely stuff that I wish I could afford, as I've spotted some lovely SHOES!!!!!
Short, but sweet xxxx

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