Friday, 13 July 2012

Thank God it's Friday!

Sitting here in front of a public computer after coming out of my day job in a gym, I must admit I look a proper "stunner". Bad hair day ain't the word! Poles apart from my stage persona, I'll be returning home to wash the gym off and hopefully style my hair in a suitable ladylike manner, as glam as possible, in fact!
I've been looking at lovely vintage hairstyles inspired by the time when a woman's hair was her crowning glory. Will I ever achieve one of those gloriously sculpted styles?
As my next appearance on stage will be coming up in august, there's not much time left, what with rehearsing and a costume revamp, borne of necessity as my last act completely blew an already non-existent budget!
Learning some thing new every day, I've found out what a cage bra is, and I am part way through making one for my fortune teller act that I'm planning on relaunching in august.
So what hairstyles could I have? Perhaps I should have it quite curly and wavy, or even a head dress? I found a couple of images to inspire me.

Now I need to go back and have a practice at hair do's and head dresses. I'm also covered in tan lines from this weekend's trip to Wales. I think a spray tan is in order as the weather is doing not much else except rain! Aaaargh!
See you next time with pics of my revamped fortune teller costume.
Later, my pretties! xx

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