Monday, 2 July 2012

What a great weekend.....!

Monday always rolls round all too soon, making me NOT want to go to my day job as a fitness instructor, especially when I have had such a fantastic weekend. I am now skint but happy thanks to Heresy and Heelz' fabulous Alternative and Burlesque Fair Held in Birmingham on Saturday. The first one to be held in Birmingham, approximately 600 people came through the door, which I guess you could call a success. Here is the link to the website, go see for your self!

During the previous week, I went shoe shopping for some suitable summer footwear. I'm not a sandals type of girl, so it was either wedges or ballet pumps for me. Actually, it ended up being BOTH.
Both pairs from Peacock's, wedges were £18, and the ballet pumps were just £10.

I ended up wearing the pumps as my outfit which you can see further down was black and white for the most part. BUT there were a few too many black and white spotted dresses being worn! We could have formed a burlesque troupe, I think it would have looked good on stage!

Above you can see my purchases from the day: 3 superb pairs of lashes, a gorgeous large green hair flower clip, a skull and cross necklace and standard issue flesh tone fishnet tights also a pair of contrast seamed stockings. Essentials I think you will agree. That's how I spent my pocket money! outfit for the day. Spotted dress decorated with a white corsage flower. My necklace was custom made for me by Rockabilly Baby who I found on Facebook. It looks like a chest tattoo from a distance, but is much less permanent, also pain free!
Well that's part one of my account of the day spent in Birmingham. I'll be back next time with more about the Alternative and Burlesque Fair.
See you soon, my pretties xx

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